Headlines has been apart of Lincoln for over 30 years. The tradition for team work will always stay the same. We are a small group that make big changes in lives everyday. We strive to be the best! Stylists are fearless when it comes to learning new techniques. 

Change is always welcomed at Headlines Hair Design as we love education and furthering our knowledge as much as we can.

We know how important good people are. That’s why we decide to bring only the best on board. Our stylist are talented & skilled professionals who are educated & trained to provide you with services & styles that are up do date with now going trends.

Interested in joining our team? Send us an email using the contact page.

Angela Farmer


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At a very young age I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist. When I was 10, I started cleaning and helping around my neighbors salon. I would fold towels, get lunch for the busy hairstylist, sweep hair and sometimes I would get to shampoo a client. What always stuck with me was watching the clients walk in the salon tired, or sad, sometimes angry for whatever reason. But when the clients were leaving the salon they looked awake, happy, and of course their hair looked great! The stress and worries were gone in those moments. I was hooked! I wanted to be apart of those transformations. When I graduated from College of Hair Design 1999, I signed up for every extra education I could. I discovered Aquage education and was inspired by everything they had to say. I have completed 3 Aquage Master Academies. My idol, Eric Fisher, with Aquage and Babyliss has taught me “you become what you think about”.  Stay positive. Stay educated. Live the life you have always wanted. And do it all with great hair!

Cassidy Sousek


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Graduated from Paul Mitchell in 2016 & couldn't imagine doing anything else. It's true when they say love what you do and never work a day in your life. I am certified in Lash Extensions & Brazilian Blowout. My favorite part of my job is turning my clients around to see them become obsessed with their hair as much as I am. Customizing colors to fit your own personality & style with keeping the integrity of your hair is important to me. Everyone that sits in my chair has a special place in my heart & gets treated like part of our salon family!!

Kirstie Lewis


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Cosmetology and a genuine love for people has always been important to me, and some of my fondest memories are watching beautiful transformations while at the salon. I am blessed to be the one on the end of those transformations. I continue to fall in love with my passion for making others feel beautiful and look forward to the ever-changing trends, styles, techniques, and product knowledge in our industry, while gaining amazing clients, and friends along the way!

Erika Stebbing

Independent Stylist

*prices differ from website service prices

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“A hairstylist is an artist who’s work is always on display.” 

I’m a Fine Artist by nature and education, Cosmetologist by profession since 2005 (and post-college training).  I have 11 years experience owning/operating/managing a salon.  I feel passionately about advanced training and have traveled to major cities throughout the U.S. to further my skills as a hair artist.

Born and raised in Chicago, I also have a B.A. Double major Studio Arts and Art Therapy and Magna Cum Laude from Barat College of DePaul University. My hobbies/outside interests include: painting, photography, music, reading, fashion.


4701 Old Cheney Road, Suite C

Lincoln, NE 68516

Tel 402-488-4832

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